About the Gallery

The Edward Weston Photography Gallery occupies the photographer's house and darkroom, south of Carmel, where he lived from 1938 until his death in 1958.

"The Little Gray House in the West" is now home to Kim Weston, Edward Weston's grandson and an internationally recognized fine-art photographer, who lives, works, and teaches on the property with his wife, Gina. The house's original structure and Edward's darkroom have remained as they were when Edward lived here. The home now displays photographs printed from his original negatives by his youngest son, and Kim's father, Cole Weston.

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About Our Collection

 Edward Weston by Cole Weston

Here you will find the silver gelatin photographs that Kim and Gina Weston have available for collection. Each photograph was printed directly from Edward Weston's original negatives by his son, Cole Weston. Each photograph is an 8x10 inch contact print dry mounted on 100% rag, acid free mount stock. On the back of the mount, each print is titled and dated with Edward’s negative code and is signed by Cole Weston in pencil.

Today, the only negative of Edward Weston's being reproduced is "Spring 1943" printed by Kim Weston. All other negatives by Edward Weston have been retired and archived in the Center for Creative Photography is Tuscon, Arizona. Click to purchase "Spring 1943".

About Gina & Kim Weston

Kim Weston is a third-generation photographer from one of the most influential and creative families in American history and has been making fine-art nude photographs for over 35 years. Kim learned his craft assisting his father, Cole Weston, in the darkroom making gallery prints from the original negatives of his grandfather, Edward Weston. Kim also worked for many years as an assistant to his uncle, Brett Weston, whose bold, abstract photographs ranked him as the "child genius of American photography."

Businesswoman, mother, wife, model, philanthropist, friend, and mentor, Gina Weston has worn quite a few hats over the last 30 years. She co-founded and continues to run Weston Photography from Carmel Highlands, CA where she and Kim have offered nude photography workshops for more than 15 years.